Pool & Spa Inspections

Repairing/replacing a pool or spa can be expensive.  If the home you are buying or selling has one of these features, it is highly advised that your inspection include these elements as well.  While most pool/spa companies only focus on the equipment, our detailed inspection will cover the following components:

  • Interior finish materials
  • Decks, steps and coping
  • Pumps, motors, blowers, skimmer, filter, drains, heaters (including describing the energy source), automatic safety controls, gauges, visible piping and valves
  • Cleaning system
  • The water supply system to ensure there are no cross connections
  • External bonding of the pump motors, blowers, heaters and other equipment
  • Operation of underwater lighting, ground fault circuit interrupters, conduit, visible electrical components and timer assemblies
  • Diving boards, slides, handrails and ladders
  • The presence or absence of child safe barriers

Pools and spas should be a source of comfort and enjoyment, so make sure you have a proper inspection done before buying or selling!

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