Here are just a few of the many testimonials we've received from clients and real estate professionals who chose to "Inspect-It 1st!"

Thank you very much and I really appreciate that you were able to get out there so fast.

-Julie Lozano/Realtor

Wow! What a fabulous report! I like the digital formatting and we really appreciate the photos in the report.

-K. Lawrence/Client

I really appreciate and admire your integrity and willingness to participate in the best interest of clients and relationships.

-Rick Mere/Realtor

I felt you were thorough, pleasant to work with, professional and made the best use of the time so it was not wasted, you got the job done in a friendly, efficient and timely manner that was appreciated by myself as well as the buyers.

-J. Holley/Realtor

Thank you so much for the outstanding job you did. Very professional, I'll have no hesitation in recommending you and your company in the future.

-Bruce Milne/Realtor

My wife and I wanted to thank you for being so thorough and tedious in your inspection as well as being fast with your report. Thank you so much and I hope that you have a great weekend.

-Brian & Jennifer/Clients

Thank you for your follow up email! Actually I have an inspector that I've used for years but it just so happens he was busy that particular day and you were referred by a colleague of mine. Myself and my clients were very satisfied with the service performed and with the inspector, so thank you very much. I would be delighted to recommend you to clients and fellow Realtors. Thanks again for a professional job well done.

-J. Curtis/Realtor

Thanks for your professionalism. You are the first one I think of when I think of property inspections, although I know of others that may be a bit less expensive, they do not provide the level of service and professionalism you do.. Thanks.. You make me look good too.

-M. Crawford/Realtor

I really enjoy the experience of having Bob inspect my clients homes. It is one thing to have the skill and knowledge of working components of a home, and Bob knows his stuff, but the way he patiently inspects the house and is thorough, give my client's peace of mind.


I thank you as well for your Great Service!!!


Thanks for all you do. You are so professional and prompt and we deeply appreciate it.


Thanks for the email and a super inspection job.


It was our pleasure to meet you yesterday. Thank you for your time and all your hard work! Curtis and I appreciate the great job you did, we look forward to recommending your company to others.

-C. & L. Allen/Clients

Thank you for your report it was very informative. If I have any queries on the report I will get back to you but so far I have none. It would be my pleasure to recommend you to anyone I know who needs your services.


We were/are very happy with the inspection and our new home! Thank you for such a great job. If someone is looking for an inspector, we'll send them your way.

-S. & L. Isbel/Clients

Bob, thanks for the follow-up e-mail. I was very happy with your services and the information that you conveyed through your inspection. I will definitely pass along your info to anyone in need of a home inspection.

-B. Mobley/Client

You gave us a very helpful and informative experience! Will you please send me some business cards so I can give them out to people I know!

-K. Stubblefied/Client

Thanks Bob; The inspection was great .I'm finally getting settled in, you probably wont recognize it now, if you have a chance, come on down and see it.

-J. Inman/Client

My clients and I were very pleased with the service we received on the property on Lynwood. As always you were very thorough, helpful, and we received our report in a timely manner.

-Nyla Sterling/Realtor

Inspect-it 1st was well worth the money. They did a very thorough job and took their time making sure everything was done. The report was done amazingly fast and was professionally completed. I couldn't have been happier and would gladly recommend them for anyone wanting to have some peace of mind about their home.


Our experience with Inspect-It 1st Property Inspection was very positive. Your prompt reply to my emails was very comforting and professional. Your demeanor was very courteous and your answers to my questions were informative and thorough. We received the property inspection by email very quickly and then shortly thereafter received a hard copy in the mail. The report itself was very very well put together, easy to read and navigate with clear color pictures and precise descriptions of what was inspected and what was found that needed to be corrected. As the manager for two separate construction companies and a disaster restoration company, you will definitely be my first choice for recommending to any of our customers in regards to a property inspection. Thank you for the excellent service and product provided.

-C. & C. Bottjer/Clients

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